Monday, August 1, 2011

Check It Out: NEW Grant Opportunity!

Grant Name: Bikes Belong Grant Program
Funded by: Bikes Belong Coalition

Description: The Bikes Belong Grant Program strives to put more people on bicycles more often by funding important and influential projects that leverage federal funding and build momentum for bicycling in communities across the U.S. These projects include bike paths and rail trails, as well as mountain bike trails, bike parks, BMX facilities, and large-scale bicycle advocacy initiatives.

Program Areas: Health/PE

Recipients: Public School, Higher Education, Other

Proposal Deadline: 8/26/11

Average Amount: $10,000.00

Telephone: 303-449-4893



Availability: All States

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Barbara Hill said...

Which bicycling communities can take part? My brother is a member of the IrishMotors. Can he apply, since he has got a good resume based on the personal essay tip given by Kevin Norris, a member of the personal writing board.