Monday, February 27, 2012

Check It Out: New Grant Opportunity!

Grant Name:  Educator Grants and Scholarships

Funded by:  Air Force Association
Description: The Air Force Association (AFA) helps provide educational opportunities for America’s youth. These opportunities were initiated to help ensure that future generations of Americans: * Appreciate the important role of aviation and space in America’s future * Have the technical knowledge necessary to understand aerospace issues * Have the educational background required to pursue aerospace careers To accomplish their educational goals, the AFA communicates directly with the American public about the importance of maintaining a sound aerospace infrastructure and the importance of maintaining a strong Air Force to ensure national security. Another important part of their educational efforts is to support the educational objectives of the Air Force and CAP. As part of that support, the AFA recognizes outstanding contributions in the field of aerospace education. To support CAP’s aerospace education programs, the AFA provides aerospace education grants for Civil Air Patrol units. Since 1996, the AFA has provided over $240,000 to CAP units and teachers to help fund their aerospace education programs.

Program Areas:  Science/Environment
Recipients:  Public School

Proposal Deadline:  3/31/12
Average Amount:  $250.00


Availability:  All States


Unknown said...

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Justin said...

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