Friday, June 12, 2009

Check It Out! Grant Opportunity!

Grant Name: Captain Planet Foundation Education Grants

Funded by: The Captain Planet Foundation

Description: The foundation supports projects that 1) promote understanding of environmental issues; 2) focus on hands-on involvement; 3) involve children and young adults ages 6-18 (elementary through high school); 4) promote interaction and cooperation within the group; 5) help young people develop planning and problem solving skills; 6) include adult supervision; 7) and commit to follow-up communication with the foundation (specific requirements are explained once the grant has been awarded).

Program Areas: Community Involvement/Volunteerism, General Education, Science/Environment, Social Studies, Other

Recipients: Public School, Other

Proposal Deadline: 6/30/09, 9/30/09

Amount: $250.00 - $2,500.00

Telephone: 404-522-4270

Contact Person: Taryn Murphy



Availability: All States


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