Monday, October 29, 2012

Check It Out: New Grant Opportunity!

Grant Name:  Painting A Bright Future

Funded by:  True Value Foundation

Description:  Put a fresh face on your community's school: Apply for a Painting a Brighter Future grant As the economy struggles and education budgets shrink, children all over - many in our own neighborhoods - need our help more than ever to receive the education they deserve in well-maintained environments. For a school in need, even something as simple as a new coat of paint can energize a dreary classroom, inspire teachers and motivate students. That's why, in partnership with True Value retailers, the True Value Foundation provides grants for up to 40 gallons of paint through the Painting a Brighter Future program to more than 100 schools each year. Since 2009, we've covered more than 3 million square feet of classrooms with a fresh coat of assistance. 

Program Areas:  Facilities/Maintenance, General Education, Math, Reading, Science/Environment, Social Studies

Recipients:  Public School

Deadline:  11/30/12

Average Amount:  Up to 40 gallons of paint

Availability:  All States