Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Quick Tips for Getting More Grant Money

There is no magic formula for winning grant money. I wish it were that easy! Finding and securing grant money can be a slow and tedious process. You have to work hard at it and have a lot of patience if you are truly going to be successful.

I can, however, provide you with some quick tips that, if you follow them carefully, will steam-line your efforts and will help you acquire a lot more grant money than those who don’t follow them.

· Determine your school’s most pressing problems that could be helped by grant money.
· Develop a program to address your main problem that is measurable and replicable.
· Spend your valuable time writing grants, not finding them – use a grant database.
· Make absolutely sure the grant criteria match the needs of your school.
· Before you write any grant, visit the grantor’s website.
· Before you write any grant, call the grant contact person.
· Planning is extremely important in grant writing. Plan first, then write.
· Don’t focus on money; focus on student achievement.
· Follow application directions carefully – all of them.
· Complete each section of the application as if it were the only section.
· Use statistics to be convincing about your need for grant money.
· Make sure your application is of the highest quality because competition can be fierce.
· Be persistent. Complete more applications to increase your chances of getting money.
· Use your computer to check for errors. Get a colleague to proofread your application.
· Don’t give up! Thousands of grants are available. Keep applying until you’re successful.

Again, these short tips won’t make you a successful grant writer overnight, but if you consistently apply them to your grant writing, you will be more successful given a little time and practice.


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